Our Commercial Debt recovery services include case assessment, cordial negotiations, prelitigation advice, and candid analysis of the relative risks and rewards of the litigation. Our approach to debtors is firm but friendly. On receipt of a recovery account, it will be assigned immediately to a dedicated team of Recovery Professionals, who would handle the case right from beginning to end.

We understand that the debtors are also the clients and therefore we believe in resolving the bad debt collection matters through friendly negotiations by using proven negotiation techniques. In the event of litigation becoming necessary we act quickly and effectively having regard to various legal options available, with the client’s concurred approval.

Our dedicated team assigned to the client will be responsible to monitor bad debt collections, measure the efficacy and effectiveness of strategies and liaise with the clients on ongoing basis thereby ensuring that client expectations with regards to their bad debt’s recovery is met

Our web enabled technology will let you manage and monitor your claim from placement to payment.

“MARS Assets Reconstruction Services” Recovery Procedure includes:



Amicable Negotiation

Debtors are essentially Business potentials. We endeavor to provide a way which will initiate payments whilst maintaining a strong & friendly relationship between parties to business.

On receipt of an account for recovery, a dedicated team of specially trained professionals & accomplished negotiators (Law Attorneys) will swiftly contact the debtor with a formal demand and notices as prescribed in Act for payment. They will also meet debtor in person for an amicable and friendly negotiations.

If negotiations fail, details on the issues involving the case will be discussed and we recommend the next step needed to be taken.

Modes of Recovery


  • SARFAESI Act 2002 Recovery Mode

  • D R T Recovery Mode

  • OL Recovery Mode Through NCLT

  • Hypothecations Act Recovery Mode

  • Arbitration Act Recovery Mode

If negotiation fails or does not result in immediate recovery or a reasonable payment plan a strategy either under SARFAESI Act or otherwise as suitable to the client will be followed.

On receipt of the instructions for a legal action there will not be any delay in initiating such action having regard to the best available legal option.

Once in litigation, we routinely utilize pre-judgment remedies to gain leverage, over the Defendant-Debtor applications for provisional remedies, such as writs of attachment or possession or motion for the appointment of a receiver and the requisites are often prepared, filed & served simultaneously with the summons and complaints. With our experience we have found that the judicious use of these remedies not only exerts sufficient pressure on Debtors to resolve these matters quickly.

We at “MARS Assets Reconstruction Services” do not depend much on the external attorney to handle the legal aspect of the recovery cycle as we have our own panel of Advocates. Our in-house legal capabilities and expertise ensure an effective incidence of success. We offer specialized legal recovery programs to our clients. In terms of legal costs there is absolute transparency and are incurred only on the express authority of our client.


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