About us

MARS Asset Reconstruction Services, has a group of professionals promoted from diverse fields with outstanding caliber. MARS intends to pioneer the NPA/Bad Debt Management in India through various structures available within the framework of law.

“MARS Assets Reconstruction Services.”” has its Corporate Head Office in Chennai and operations in major cities in States of Tamil Nādu, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and we operate nationwide also through our associate network. “MARS Assets Reconstruction Services.” has a team of more than 30 law attorneys, Retired Legal Professionals, and teams of multiple disciplined professionals functionally.

The Team of “MARS Assets Reconstruction Services.” is a highly skilled and competent professional (I I B F Certified DRAs) with years of experience. They bring the highest level of professional excellence, integrity and sound ethical and fair practices. We represent a broad section of Financial Banks and Institutions, domestic manufacturing & Service companies.

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Vision, Mission & Value Proposition

“MARS Assets Reconstruction Services” helps clients maximize their recovery receivables at every stage of their recovery endeavor.

Our Vision

To “Transform NPA Liability to Standard Assets”.

Our mission

To deliver long term benefits of measurable value to our customers and enhancing the confidence of our clients by offering our:

  • Best talented work force.

  • Domain knowledge & expertise

  • High quality operation and innovation

  • Disciplined processes framework

  • Adaptation of up-to-date technology

  • Centralized Systematic Management Service (CSMS)

We have been investing extensively in gaining expertise for managing complex recoveries and translating this knowledge into creating a delivery structure that maximizes customer value while minimizing operational risks. Our value proposition is to ensure maximize recoveries at just cost with technology enabled recovery solutions.

Partner's Profile

Managing Partner

  • Mr. K. A. Murali  brings years of experience in the field on NPA recovery Management. His uncanny ability in resolving NPA cases has resulted in a number of Compromise settlements and /or One Time settlements with Banks and Financial institutions. He had also been able to reason with Borrowers and the Lenders and bring them to the Negotiating table for amicable settlements instead of resorting to the long drawn legal litigation Resolution/Remedy. He had an impeccable track record in handling high value NPA accounts of INDIANBANK, SBI, BOM, BOB, and other Financial Institutions. He had affected recoveries in excess of 300 Crores for various financial institutions.

  • As an expert in the RDDBFI Act, 1993 and the SARFAESI Act, 2002, NCLT also. He had been able to enforce the security interest in many mortgaged securities bringing the defaulters assets to sale and ultimate recovery for the Banks and Financial Institutions. He had been instrumental in recovering various dues of the Banks and Financial Institutions hitherto locked up in litigation /pending adjudication by adopting the available structures /procedures in the realm of all present legal postulates.
  • He is one who inspires confidence by empowering the employees to do their job and always respect them for their comments and accomplishments. He possesses proven ability to gain the confidence of employees and investors and clients in all spheres of the company’s activities and also advises the clients for their portfolio management related to the securities market. He is very hard working & detail oriented professional with a common-sense approach to problem solving. He possesses creative ability to develop visionary approaches to complex challenges. He is a very effective communicator – both written and verbal translating into best legal opinion, advice and solution.

  • To Contact Our Managing Partner   Mr. K. A. Murali,   Mobile No: +91 7299 948 653

  • Partner

  • Mr. C. Anbzhagan a retired senior Business person from Various Non-Government Financial Companies Service he had wide expose in Finance and Banking industries. He is expert in handling any situation arises during resolving account and amicably he will put up a compromise proposal suiting the situation. He is capable of assisting effectively in recovery process and deliver better results in shortest period time. He is in the recovery field for nine years and well versed in all Bank NPA management.

  • To Contact Our Partner   Mr. C. Anbzhagan,   Mobile No: +91 9710 475 547

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